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Wilford House - Nottingham Interior Photography

Some jobs come along and they sound like they could be something special. When Adam from Vintage Developments got in touch and asked if I could help photograph their recent renovation of Wilford House in Nottingham, it was always going to be a massive YES!

If you haven't heard of Wilford House, its one of Nottinghams most unique office buildings. Its a 12,000 sq ft Grade II listed building in Clifton Lane is set in 1.5 acres of landscaped grounds. In a word, stunning!

Lincoln Interior Photography
Wilford House - Meeting Room

This was a two part shoot. The first was after the initial work had been completed but before any furniture etc was in place.

Seeing it empty was a great experience, you really got to appreciate not only the size of the place but also the beautiful work that Vintage Developments had done to restore it to its former glory and the great new technology they had put in.

I was very excited to go back a few months later to see how it was looking.

Interior Photography Nottingham
Wilford House - Entrance Hall

Going back was just as great. Seeing the modern interior blending with the traditional parts of the house just show the work that has gone into this place. I do love my job!

I know that with what has happened over the last few years, many people are now working from home but I think I would be very tempted to get back into the office if I worked in a place as beautiful as this!

A few more pictures below of different parts of the building.


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