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Professional Drone Photography Nottingham

Drone Photography and Videography really does give you a whole new view of your property, business and even works of art! 

There are so many ways to to use a drone to bring something a little different to what you want to capture, and being a fully insured and CAA registered Nottingham Drone Operator I can help really make your property or business stand out. 

Its not just for pretty houses!


There are many uses for Drone Photography

Property Photography by Drone

What is seen as the most common use of Drones is to help you sell your house, and yes it certainly works showing your land and setting to potential clients and customers

Promote your workmanship

Drone photography and videography is a great way to promote your workmanship, this can be anything from a single roof to a whole new housing estate. 

Form progression of building sites to an aerial view of an archaeological dig, drones can help in so may ways. 

I have even been lucky enough to work with Nottingham Trent and Brighton Universities to take pictures of artwork 3 stories up a building! There was no other way to capture the images they needed for their exhibition, one of them was even indoors! (blog coming soon)

Notitingham Drone Photographer 1.jpg
Nottingham Drone Photography.jpg

Options for Drone Photography and/or Videography

There are a number of ways to get your drone images and video

  • Add on to a a stills photography package

  • Standalone Drone package

Drone packages available:

  1. Fully edited stills only 

  2. Stills and video clips for socials

  3. Still and fully edited video 

  4. Just video 

Give me a call or send me an email and we can see what package best suits your needs.

Waverley House.jpg

"I worked with Dan Wray on a series of outdoor photographs of carved sculptural heads, approximately three stores high, using a camera drone. From my initial enquiry Dan was enthusiastic and went to the trouble of producing test shots to show me what was possible using a camera drone. The shoot went well, and I’m delighted with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending Dan as a highly experienced professional photographer and drone pilot."

Matthew Cornford - Nottingham Drone Photography  

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