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POHP - Lifestyle Photoshoot

Meet Roz (and Ledley who you will see later) of POHP. Roz is a organisational wellbeing specialist & coach who took the brave decision to look for a commercial photographer to come into her home to capture something a little more than just headshots for her new website, luckily that photographer was me

Having never done anything like this before Roz was a little nervous but she also understands the value of great imagery and the importance to put yourself front and centre of your own business. As I have said in my previous blog '3 reasons why you need a professional headshot' Putting a face to a company or profile starts building that important relationship from the very start.

We were blessed with a nice sunny day so we could shoot both indoors and out. Using your own home or office space really gives an insight into who you really are and helps build the connection between you and any potential clients.

My job as a headshot photographer, as well as taking some awesome pictures, is to help you relax into the shoot. The difference you can see between the first few images and the last always amazes me, with a little direction, encouragement and sometimes a little dancing!

Roz really relaxed into the shoot and we got some great images for her to update her website with, I even think she enjoyed it!

Now to Ledley, who lets be honest was the star of the show, he was a little nervous in the beginning but once he was out of his cage and after having a good sniff he was ready for action!

What a star!

If it has been in the back of your mind to get any headshot photography or Commercial photography done but you can't quite bring yourself to do it, give me a call or drop me a message and we can have a chat, honestly, its not as bad as you think!


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