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Hmm, food!

Who doesn't love food, especially when it is this good!

There are many things I love about being a photographer. But I know I am going to have a good day when I get invited back to The Coach House in Derby. When Rob (owner) then tells me he wants pictures of the amazing food they do in ‘The Troff Café’, a good day becomes a great day.

In the current covid-19 world and all its restrictions of social distancing and indoor and outdoor groups we all have to adapt and do things a little differently. This was no exception, and also because ‘The Troff’ was also open for business while I was there space for taking photographs was at a premium. Solution? Work outdoors! A challenge technically, but definitely worth it.

This is my makeshift outdoor studio at The Coach House. The day was windy and chilly, but at least it didn’t rain. The ‘studio’ was great, and we got exactly the pictures we wanted (see above). So, with lots of ballast to keep everything where it should be, a light and a reflector we had lots of fun shooting, and eating some very tasty food, and resulted in a very full and very happy me!

Below are some of the images that we got. I want to give some massive thanks; to Rob for inviting me back again, to Zoe for organising us all and especially to Kelley for preparing the amazing food. I can highly recommend the kebab (top right) but it was all fantastic. I have 'accidentally' left my tripod at The Coach House so I’ll have to go back (at lunch?!) to pick it up.

As you may know, this is my first blog post for a while. My work has been restricted through lockdown, but I have done some shoots. I was surprised to be asked to take doorstep portraits. I was nervous at first (is it allowed, how will I do it, how does social distancing work?), but thoroughly enjoyed them, and raised over £800 for Grantham Food Bank by asking for donations rather than charging. The lockdown has impacted us all, and I haven’t not blogged because I don't have anything to share, more that my world changed overnight and I don’t know what people want to hear.

I am going to blog more. Sometimes about the work that I am doing, like this one, but also because I have been lucky that covid has given me time to reflect, I will blog about what I want to do with my photography and about how I want to change my business and maybe lots of other topics too.

If anyone has read this far and has any questions or thoughts please get in touch at

Thanks for reading!



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