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Festival Photography - Randstad Weekender - Newark Showground

Nottingham Event Photography

I do love a good festival, especially photographing one! The Randstad 2022 Weekender at the Newark Showground was no exception.

Yes it was the hottest day of the year, but that just added to the enjoyment of it all, and it was certainly better than rain!

From fairground rides to ice cream and live bands to a full on club night there was a lot going on throughout the whole day.

I would say the c1500 people loved it, although, I must admit I was glad not to be camping with them after it all finished, I needed my bed after 45,000 steps that day!

I was bought on board to help cover this by Sounds Commercial, Adam and Chris took care of the video while I sorted the stills out (video isn't my thing........yet!)

Newark Showground was a great venue for such an event, especially with the onsite camping. Not too far to stumble to get a bit if rest at the end of the night and to stumble back for breakfast the following morning.

Can't wait to do it again!

A few more pictures from the day below.


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