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Lincoln Property Photography - Student accommodation never used to look like this!

Lincoln Property Photography

Simon from Imnos Properties Ltd contact me back in 2021 (yep, only just telling you now!) with a view to photographing what in his words are 'individual, quirky, high end properties' all throughout Lincoln, great! right up my street.

Then I realised they are all student accommodation, not a problem, but from my memories of where I lived as a student I was wondering what I was going to walk into. My mother still mentions the wall of beer cans we had!

To say I was amazed what I found would be a massive understatement, my student housing never looked like this!

The areas are so well thought out with a very high quality finish you would never think these are anything but show homes.

Simon has done an amazing job of renovating and designing these amazing pads for the lucky students of Lincoln, I would certainly have loved to live somewhere like this at Uni.

I have been lucky enough to have been invited back a few time to capture his other properties that I will share soon, and I have also been working with a company in Leicester that are doing a great job there as well.

Below are a few more images from this house, more coming soon.

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