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Interior Photography - Another day, another staircase

It's that time of the year again where Max Stairs (and their customer) invite me along to photograph their latest stunning creation to enter this years Build-it awards. They certainly haven't disappointed this year!

I made the decision in the early days of my business that I was going to try and not be a one trick pony, but also a jack of all trades and a master of none. If I would have followed one route, I would not be doing interior photography as it was pure luck that I got my first commission which I could have quite easily turned down, and nearly did!

It is still a challenge to get my website to reflect exactly what I do, and I still can't really describe the style/kind of photography what I do when people as, 'Commercial Photographer' does quite seem to sum it up. Maybe 'A month in the life of Dan Wray Photography' is another blog for the future!

Anyway, here is another stunning stair case from Max Stairs. Last year they won and I wish them all the best for the 2022 competition.


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