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Event Photography - Charity golf day at Belton Woods Golf Course

Nottingham Events Photography

Man playing golf out of the bunker
Belton Woods Golf Event

Last week I was invited along to photograph a charity golf event at the rather beautiful Belton Woods Golf Course, and what an amazing day it was.

I have played golf a few times and, to be honest, well, lets just say thankfully I am better at photographing it!

Geese family in the rain

Weather wise, we did ok.

It started off a little chill and quite windy then throughout the day we had sun, more wind, and the odd shower (which was great for the geese!).

None of this stopped the the enjoyment of the day which was all in aid of a number of charities that the participants chose at the end of the day.

As ever with golf, there were some great shots, some not so great shots, more than a few lost balls and most importantly, lots of laughs.

The whole day was arranged by David Murfitt (Fire Industry Golf Society) who since 2014 has raised over £50k for various different charities putting on these kind of events. That is pretty amazing!

Lets hope I can help out on the next one!

Below are a few of the many pictures of the day.

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