A Photographers obsession

I get asked a lot, what it is about photography that I love so much. What is it that means I always have a camera with me (easy when you have a smart phone) or never Iet a day pass without either taking pictures, writing about pictures, posting pictures or looking at pictures to get some inspiration. .

I always struggle with my answer (maybe being a photographer, I'm better with pictures than words). Its the same reason I like beetroot so much............I just do!

Then something happened.

A few weeks ago, on my first day of being a 'self employed photographer' I happened to be in London at a seminar about setting up your own business. It was quite interesting but not massively exciting for anyone who isn't a photographer. On my wander to the venue I was people watching. As I strolled through Trafalgar Square a gentleman asked if I would take his and his wife's picture, what a stroke of luck!

I got chatting to them and its turns out they were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. They had with them a picture of themselves on their honeymoon 60 years earlier in the exact same spot as they were standing now, and they wanted to pay 'homage' to that picture taken at the start of their life together. I told them that I was a photographer and I would love to take their picture with my camera, and if they sent me their details I would send them a copy. The picture I took is below.

This is not the most technical and well lit portrait I've ever taken

It may not be as 'artistic' as some of the other images I took that day

I didn't agonise over which camera, what lens,

But it means something. It has a story. It is a big moment in the lives of this lovely couple.

And I had the honour of capturing it for them

This picture is why I love photography, It doesn't matter if it is Street-photography; corporate portraits; a wedding or still life. I can capture something special, a part of history that will never happen again.

That is pretty cool.

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